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How do I join Cinebuzz Rewards?

There are three ways that you can join.

You can join online right now!  To do simply CLICK HERE and follow the prompts. 

You are now a fully activated member and can start earning and redeeming membership points. You can access your Digital Cinebuzz Membership card on the Event Cinemas NZ Mobile App (Available on all Apple & Android devices)

If you would prefer a physical Cinebuzz Membership card, please ask one of our friendly staff members in cinema on your next visit*.


You can join on the Event Cinemas Website or Mobile App (Available on all Apple & Android devices).


If you would like to join in cinema simply ask one of our friendly staff members for a Cinebuzz Membership card*. Then follow the instructions on the card to register your card online.

To do so now CLICK HERE for the Cinebuzz Rewards homepage

Step ONE: Enter all of your details, including your card number on the field provided under 'Other details'

(Please note that each Cinebuzz member must have a unique email, if there is already a Cinebuzz account under your email you will not be able to sign up again)

Step TWO: Once you have entered all of your details, press ‘submit’

Step THREE: You will receive an email from us asking you to confirm your membership.

Click on the link from the email and your account will be successfully activated.

If you do not receive this email, please CLICK HERE and let us know the following information:

Full name:

Email address:

12 digit Cinebuzz card number:

*Physical cards are subject to availability.

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