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What is the difference between Cinebuzz Rewards and Cinebuzz Rewards VIP?

There are two tiers of membership in the Cinebuzz Rewards program.

The entry level or base tier is just known as Cinebuzz Rewards.  As a member you will earn points when you attend any movie, earning more points than in a standard session if you see movies in Vmax and Gold Class.  As a Cinebuzz Rewards member you have access to a member only discounted movie each week, will receive a weekly email newsletter and have access to other special member only offers from time to time.

If you attend the movies sufficiently regularly you may qualify for Cinebuzz VIP.  Please see the question “How do I become a Cinebuzz VIP Member” for those details.  As a Cinebuzz VIP member you will receive extra benefits above regular members. This includes preferred access to certain events and special Cinebuzz VIP only member offers from time to time.

Cinebuzz VIP membership is awarded for a 12 months period, please see the question “How do you retain Cinebuzz VIP membership” for further details.

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