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How do I apply for the Cinebuzz Student membership?

To be eligible for a Cinebuzz Student membership, you must have a valid student ID and pay the $10.00 subscription fee. This subscription fee will need to be paid every 12 months manually.

To subscribe to the Cinebuzz Student membership, you can either pay online (please see instructions below) or pay at the cinema. Please keep a copy of your receipt if you pay over the counter at the cinema.

To pay online:

  • Sign into your current Cinebuzz account here
  • Go to your Cinebuzz dashboard by clicking account in the top right hand corner of the page.
  • Click on the link “Subscription” which appears under the heading “My Cinebuzz Dashboard”
  • There will be a link to pay
  • Please make sure you only pay once, it can take some time to update your account to a Student membership.

Please note you will need to have to your valid student ID with you whenever you collect tickets.

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