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What are the different ticket options available to purchase?

Adult Ticket

An Adult ticket is required for people aged 15 or older unless a valid concession card discount is applicable.

Child Ticket

Valid for children between the ages of 3 and 14 years of age. Children aged under 3 receive free admittance, as long as they are sitting on the knee of a full paid adult throughout the duration of the film. 

Please note that film classification rules still apply, if the film carries an age restriction (R13, R15, R16, R18 etc.) entrance will be denied to all people under the age specified. 

Student Ticket

A Student Ticket is available to Full Time Students who have a valid and current Student ID Card. Student ID Cards must be supplied before entering the cinema.

Senior Ticket

Seniors tickets are available to Seniors (65+ years old and over). Proof of age must be supplied before entering the cinema.

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